Homeschool life

       During the 2010-2011 school  year our HIStory lessons covered (so far)  the Middle Ages, the Reformation and the Renaissance during this school year. Some of the topics we delved deeper into were about knights, the Plague, Joan of Arc, Martin Luther & the 95 Theses, Leonardo Davinci and his brilliant creations...and really so much more.
Above the kids made their Richard the Lionhearted shields. Doesn't that 6 foot knight poster look real?


Science is a favorite subject in our household...In ecology we learned about biomes, food chains, and animal adaptations. Above is our oldest child's Upstate South Carolina Ecology project.
 Our 6 year old loves everything about astronomy! His favorite lessons were about the moon.  We used Apologia Science Astronomy text which just made us more amazed by God and the universe He created.
The Three R's: Reading, wRiting , 'Rithmetic ;-)  Bible , and our Classical Conversations Curriculum--take up  much of our time during the school day.Although we have a school room we have found that our kitchen table has become the favorite place to learn (closer to the snacks?)
We attend a homeschool group every Tuesday-LOVE it (I'll write more about that later)...
Here is the website that provides more information about our studies :